How to make an X-10 wall switch capable of local dimming.

Use at your own risk!

Based on a work from an original unknown author.


1. Turn off the power to the X-10 switch that you wish to convert.

2. Remove the switch from the wall.

3. Do not attempt to convert the switch while power is on.

4. If you didn't already know 1-3, you probably shouldn't be playing with a soldering iron - stop here!

Step by step instructions:

  1. Remove the back of the module by pushing in, in turn, each of the four tabs on the four back corners.
  2. Remove the one visible screw, lock washer and nut.
  3. Pry at each of the four tabs that hold the printed circuit board in place until the circuit board is free. A very small metal plate and the two (house and unit) code dials will probably fall out.
  4. Glob some solder between the two points shown in the picture below. This connects the third pin from the left in the bottom row of the IC to the left switch pad.
  5. Reassemble the X-10 module by first removing the front of the plastic shell from the metal bracket. This can be done by pulling on the tab that the screw was removed from to release the plastic tab just under the screw hole. Next, remove slide switch assembly by pushing in on the plastic tabs from inside the plastic shell half. Be careful not to lose the very small plastic plunger and the tiny spring under it.
  6. Replace the house and unit code dials and then reinstall the circuit board in the front shell half. Carefully replace the small metal plate accross the two metal prongs on the circuit board. If the plate is properly placed it will be capable of a rocker switch motion. Now, carefully (so as not to disturb the metal plate), replace the slide switch assembly by pushing it in until the tabs click into place.
  7. Replace the metal bracket, the screw, lock washer and nut, and then the back half of the shell.
  8. Reinstall the switch. Turn on the power and the job is done. Now a tap on the switch will turn it on or off. Press and hold the switch to dim the light. Continue to hold the switch and it will brighten. The dim, brighten action will continue until you release the switch. By the way, when a 3-way is modified for local dimming, it also dims at the slave switches.


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